Monday, January 23, 2006

Which one of these men is John Smith?

Is John Smith Elvis?

By: Belkis Cuza-Malé

This is the photo that John Smith used for his profile in PalTalk. He is a young John, singing in a celebration of Halloween, according to what somebody had told me. One can also imagine a young Elvis, but there is no way to know it. Others assure that this is not he, but a computerized photo, a joke.

Around two years ago, somebody sent this other photo to me assuring that it could be John Smith. In the photo, he appears as a mature and slim man, with gray hair and almost white beard, singing between friends.

Yes, this man resembles Elvis in many ways: the face, hands, fingers, hair, the jacket with the high neck. When I showed it then to a friend, almost an Elvis' expert, they were surprised and then repeated that it had to be Elvis. Good, this man, that was singing to friends, also resembled very much John to me.

Months ago, while I was talking with John, he commented to me that years back he had fractured a leg. I did not want to investigate the details, nor how nor when the accident happened, but, just as I do with all he says to me, I deposited the data in my "mental file".
Perhaps it was not the chance -- that it does not exist for me -- the one that I take yesterday to find in my papers on Elvis, a tabloid, Weekly World News (July 28, 1992), one of those scandalous one of supermarkets, where it had in the cover a photo of a supposed Elvis, with the leg in a cast, leaning by the back door of a hospital in Nashville, on July of 1992.
The photograph showed a man who could resemble very much an Elvis in his fifties. The dark lenses, nevertheless, avoided to watch his eyes, but the hair and the appearance could very well have been those of the King of Rock and roll.
As all the published articles by the media around the subject, there is not a way to verify anything. That type of sensationalist tabloid goes through life inventing articles to increase its sales. But I am thinking of that photo of the man with the fractured leg, and the image that I know of John Smith.
And sure its appearance between my papers made me remember immediately that detail over the fractured leg that he himself commented to me a year ago. Without a doubt, this could be John Smith. And also Elvis? I leave it to the imagination of you, dear friends.


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